Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Eggs

For a special Valentine's Day breakfast, I made Baked Eggs with Cheese from Gourmet magazine. It is so easy and really flavorful! (Click on the link above for the recipe on Epicurious) I didn't have cantal cheese so used a white cheddar, didn't have any chives so I used green onions. And I didn't have any creme fraiche or sour cream so I just did without. OK, so maybe I should have gone to the store before making a new recipe, but it was still good even with all the substitutes.The recipe says to drop the egg yolks into the fluffy egg whites at the beginging and cook both together for 10-14 minutes, but my friend Whitney has made this for me several times and she bakes the eggs whites for about 6 minutes and then pulls them ramekins out of the oven and then drops the yolks and bakes for the remaining 4-8 minutes so the yolks are a little runny. I followed her suggestions.
Serve with oven toasted bread cubes (good rustic bread or sourdough is best) and bacon. So good!

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