Monday, February 8, 2010

Free Finds!

Until I moved into my boyfriend's downtown, mid century condo a few months ago, he enjoyed a very minimalist home. No nic-nacs, decorative pillows, plants, knitted pot holders, etc. When I moved in, I brought all of that with me, but was also looking for additional decorative items but didn't want to break the bank. I've always enjoyed vintage shopping and flea market finds, but I was looking for something even! I knew just where to parents garage. Look at the great things I found!

1. Cute Mirrored Tray

My Great Aunt used to use this tray to display her perfumes. I also snagged the cute pillow cases while cleaning out her closets a few years ago. 2. Lazy Susan

My parents received this as a wedding gift over 42 years ago! I love it!

3. Coat Hook

The hook was in my parents garage and used to hold my Dad's big, black, ugly rain jacket. Every time it would rain, he would go to the garage, get the jacket, boots, hat and shovel and would wade through the rising waters to clear the drains. It wasn't until high school that I realized that other Dad's did not do this. Our house was the only one that needed such attention. I still have no idea why these fixes were not made on days it wasn't raining or what caused these massive outdoor floods, but the fixes were made about 10 years ago and there has not been a need for the rain coat or hook since, so I snagged it.

4. Entry Table

My Grandma used this table to hold laundry detergent and bleach. There were several stains and scratches but with a little sanding, a coat of white paint, a glass top and a cute piece of paper from Kate's, it looks great as an entry table for keys, mail, change, etc.
5. Cutting Board and Martini Shaker

The cutting board is the perfect size for the bar to cut limes for cocktails. The martini shaker was another wedding gift!

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