Friday, February 19, 2010


It has been a long running joke in our family that I am the favorite child. I don't believe there is any truth to this because a) my parents are fair and I'm sure love us all equally and b) I am the only one of their children that has not given them adorable grandchildren. However, for Valentine's Day, my Dad got me a dozen yellow and pink roses that I've put in cute little bud vases around the house. He got my sister the Huell Howser DVD of In-N-Out. We are having a hard time drawing a conclusion. This is the same guy that wanted to send a life size cut out of himself to his high school reunion when he thought he wasn't able to make it, so the basis for "normal" is a little off. I think he thought he was being fair and both gifts were equal. Who knows maybe it's a really good DVD?


  1. You MUST be the favorite child, roses for Valentine's vs the in-and-out dvd, think about it? However, I will need to see the dvd to make my final vote!

  2. Kcpny,

    Thank you for being the first reader to post a comment! That's so exciting for me!

    You're right though, roses vs. burger DVD, seems obvious!