Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Last summer while visiting Portland, OR for the first time, I went to Stumptown Coffee. If you are ever in the Seattle or Portland area, I highly recommend going! It was one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had. They roast their beans on site all day, every day.

If you aren't in the Northwest, you can also enjoy Stumptown at the Ace Hotel in NYC. I've never been, but I plan to pose as a hipster for a day next time I'm in NY and stay at the Ace Hotel, drink Stumptown coffee, eat at the Breslin Bar and then maybe ride away on my fixie to a Speakeasy bar. Sounds like I'm joking but I'm not, that would be my dream NYC night! OK, maybe not the fixie part.
I ordered a bag of Stumptown - Hairbender for my boyfriend for his birthday. A little pricey for every day coffee if you don't live close enough to walk there ($15 for a 12 oz bag plus shipping) but a nice birthday treat! Anyway, the reason I was thinking about coffee and posted...today was the last of it.

I can't post about coffee without at least mentioning my trip to a coffee plantation in Brazil a few years ago. One of the best days of my life! It was about an hour outside of Sao Paulo and cost about a weeks' salary, but well worth it!

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