Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ring Pillow

A few months ago, Design Sponge featured really cute, handmade ring pillows, and I've been waiting for an opportunity to make one. See my first attempt below that I made last night for a co-worker. As most crafting projects I take on seem to go, it took a lot longer than I thought to make all the flowers and sew them on, but it was relatively easy.

The felt color selection was very limited at JoAnne Fabrics, so I tried to work with what they had, but I'll have to ask my New York connections to make a stop at Tinsel Trading Company to get the premium felt and pre-made flowers if I do this again!


  1. Beautiful!!! That is so sweat. did you take any pictures of the proces of making the flowers? I love the touch of the pearl pins on the leaves. She must have loved it.

  2. Thank you! Yes, she did love it. I actually added tiny pink flowers after the picture and a few more beads.

    No, I didn't take any pics of making the flowers. I didn't know how to do it so I just keep looking at http://emersonmade.blogspot.com/ and http://www.llubav.com/ and tried to imagine how they did it.

    What I found worked best was to cut a strip of fabric about 2-3 inches wide and about a foot long. Straight cut on one side and a wavy cut on the other side of the long strip to resemble the flower petals. Then, take thread and weave in and out about a half inch apart all the way up the foot long fabric. Then, pull the string to wrinkle it up a little. Cut excess thread that was created and tie off. Wrap long wrinkled fabric strip around and around and fasten with a needle and thread, going through the flower several times, making sure the needle goes through all the layers so it doesn't fall apart.

    Pretty easy!

  3. Could take some of these ideas, specifically the flowers and add to special packages, wrapping, for gifts.