Friday, May 7, 2010

Fabric Flower Gift Wrap

Although I'm not planning a wedding of my own, I still love to visit Once Wed for cute craft and decorating ideas. Last year there was a DIY project for fabric flower garland. I took the fabric flower idea to wrap a bridal shower gift I went to last weekend. You will need: fabric, scissors, needle and thread and something to trace the circles. Cut six fabric circles. Fold in half, and in half again. Thread through all the corners as shown.
Once you have all six flowers on the needle, pull through and pull both ends of the thread tight and tie a double knot.
When you pull the two ends of the thread together a ball will form. You may need to adjust the pedals a little bit and spread them out to make a full flower. Once Wed post suggests sewing the pedals together, but I didn't and it turned out fine.
The tissue paper wasn't big enough to cover the box, so I staggered the paper about a half inch apart and taped it between layers so the tape didn't show. Attach the flower with thread, tape, glue, or however else you like, and voila! A cute package without spending any money. Just fabric scraps and leftover tissue paper.


  1. Love it!!! To get such a stylish wrap to any package. Could give me tissue and I would think it was something special if somebody took the time to do this. Really cute!