Saturday, November 6, 2010

DIY Wine Bag

A good friend of mine was celebrating her 30th birthday at the local wineries this weekend. I wasn't able to go, but I did make a personalized birthday wine bag for her to carry around any bottles she might buy. Basically, I cut two rectangles of white fabric, and two slightly longer rectangles of grey fabric (longer b/c I wanted to fold over the grey for a border around the top), put the two "right" sides together, sewed three sides, leaving the top open, then turn it right side out. I then cut little felt triangles and sewed them together with embroidery thread and attached to the bag. I cut an "E" out of left over felt from my ring pillows, stitched it on, added a handle in the same grey fabric, and there you go....homemade wine bag! Add a bottle of wine and you have an inexpensive, stylish gift.

Next...a two bottle bag for serious wine drinkers.