Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Gifts

A couple weeks ago I celebrated my birthday with a few friends at a farmer's market picnic. Good food, several bottles of wine, an ice cream cake, and lots of cute gifts! My friends apparently know me very well! Gifts included McClure's pickles, a marble mortar and pestle, ceramic measuring cups and spoons, a personal embosser stamp and a really cute blue hand mixer! The pickles are good but very spicy! You will need some relief for your mouth mid way through eating one. I've never had a pickle that needed a chaser, but these do. Prepare a few slices of cheese and possibly a beer to help you get through it. For those of us not lucky enough to live in Brooklyn or Detroit (OK, just Brooklyn), you can now pick up a jar at some William's Sonoma stores.

I was so excited to receive the hand mixer before KitchenAid discontinued that cute blue color. I did not act fast enough for the stand up mixer in the same color though. Maybe it's for the better. The things I was making with my old mixer before it blew up were not doing my waste line any favors...compound butter, cookies, whipped cream, cream pies, etc.

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  1. Love the gifts. You friends have great taste. Re: the pickles, you may also want to checkout Learned of their pickles from Cat Greenleaf. Think you would like everything. Style, packaging...still have to try them to tell you how they taste.